IPSA Cleansing Sensitive Creamy Mousse 175ml

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Product Code: IP0032自律舒緩泡泡175ml
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IPSA Cleansing Sensitive Creamy Mousse 175ml

A hypoallergenic facial cleanser that protects delicate skin from irritation and keeps theskin surface clean.The finely textured creamy foam created by the highly lathering foam pump bottle willgently clean the skin, which is in a state of low barrier function in the stratum corneum, while helpingreducing irritation to the skin. While caring for sensitive skin and skin prone-to-irritation, this cleanser thoroughly removes unwanted residues. Furthermore, this cleanser helps skincare products used afterward wholly exert their effects.

How to use
Moisten face and hands. Press the dispenser three times to place the foam on the palm. Cleanse face as covering the skin with the lather. Thoroughly rinse off with cool or lukewarm water. 

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IPSA Cleansing Sensitive Creamy Mousse 175ml
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