*burner Food Strategy Slim Solution Set

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*burner Food Strategy Slim Solution Set


burner Amino Acid Slim Formulation (400mlx60 capsules)x2
burner Food Strategy Drink (390mgx28 tablets)x2

burner Amino Acid Slim Formulation

*Sleep to Slim method quadruples the benefit
*World Patents from the US, Japan for certain ingredients: AX-3 Peptide, Skipjack CAA, GABA
*Rich in 22 varieties of Amino Acid for enhanced performance. 
*Adding GABA for ‘sleep inducing factors’ and BCAA for ‘improved metabolism’
*High absorption rate, low molecular Amino acid (molecular weight<1000)
*Japanese health authorities MD, Hiroyuki Abe¸ from Asian Physique design
*Identified as a product by the Noguchi Medical Research Institute in Japan
*Noguchi Medical Research Institute – the Trusted Medical Product Gold Award
*Funcare provides trustworthy, natural, and non-artificial body slimming and body sculpting products to the global medical community. The phrases “scientifically proven” and “research verified¨ are always imprinted on the exterior of the product packages as a guarantee that deserves the trust from customers.

Ingredients: Patented Skipjack CAA (Containing L-Histindine, Taurine, L-Aspartic acid, DL- Methionine, L-Cystin, L-Phenylalanine, L-Tyrosine, DL-Threonin, DL-Tryptophan, L-α-Valine, L-Arginine, L- Asparticacid, aspartic acid, L-Lysine, Glycine, L- Proline), Branched Chain Amino Acid (Containing L-Leuicne, L- isolucine, L-α-Valine), Milk Extract (AX-3 Peptide), Nano Pearl Powder (including L-Lysine, L- Serine), Glutamic Acid Femented (Containing GABA), Balsam Pear (Containing Saponin), Green Tea (Containing Catechin)

How to use
Take 2 capsules per day, 5 minutes before bed, with 250ml water. Excessive use is not advised. 
Caution: This product is not suitable for 
1. expectant mothers, women in breath-feeding stages, children
2. anyone allergic to the ingredients
3. vegetarians 

burner Food Strategy Drink

The comprehensive formula of Burner ® Food Strategy Drink reduces the absorption of oil and carbohydrates during parties and large meals. The specially added turmeric, policosanal, and fermented lactobacillus support alcohol dehydrogenase to facilitate alcohol metabolism, which in turn, reliefs the discomfort of a hangover. The formula is designed for Asian diets. It blocks out 30g of fat and inhibits 80% of carbohydrate absorption from starches and sweets. It assists with weight management, allowing those with standard body weight to maintain their figure, as well as decrease the body’s burden. This is an essential product for weight management, and is the ideal company when enjoying fine wine and cuisine. You are free to indulge in food without restrictions.

How to use
Recommended to consume 5 minutes before meals. Take 2 tablets before each meal with 250c.c. of warm water. Exceeding the recommended dose produces no additional benefit.

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*burner Food Strategy Slim Solution Set
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