burner Night Time Slimming Drink 50ml x6 Bottles

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burner Night Time Slimming Drink 50ml x6 Bottles

1. Fat Burning During Sleep Tomorrow's fitness and beauty start tonight.Designed to make you look better!
2. Patents from the US and Japan for certain ingredients: AX-3 Peptide and GABA
3. Amino Acids Complex boosts metabolism and curbs your appetite
4. Pearl Powder + Royal Jelly Peptide + GABA Promote healthy skin, release stress, and help you sleep better.
5. AX-3 Peptide + Green Tea + Balsam Pear Minimize fatty tissue
6. Improves sleep and calms nerves
7. Adding GABA as sleep-inducing factor and BCAA to improve metabolism
8. High-concentration formulations and 4 times better absorption
9. High absorption rate, low-molecular-weight amino acid (molecular weight<1000)
10. Designed for Asian physique by the Japanese health authority, Hiroyuki Abe, MD, PhD
11. Japan Noguchi Medical Research Institute approved
12. Awarded “Trusted Medical Product” by Noguchi Institute of Medical Research, Japan Funcare Biomed provides safe, natural, additive-free and certified products worldwide.

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burner Night Time Slimming Drink 50ml x6 Bottles
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