burner Super Slimming Tablet (24 packets / Box) x2

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burner Super Slimming Tablet (24 packets / Box) x2


*Complete Body Metabolic Management Formula…Plus a brand new upgrade!
*Naturally enjoy slimming down, while your urge to eat decreases
*Ignite your metabolism to decrease the burden on your body
*3 Global and 143 Internationally-certified Exclusive Patented Ingredients-Xanthigen, Finomate™ EFLA920 Green Mate extracts, AX3 peptide
*Japanese health authorities MD, Hiroyuki Abe¸ from Asian Physique design
*Identified as a product by the Noguchi Medical Research Institute in Japan
*Noguchi Medical Research Institute – the Trusted Medical Product Gold Award
*Certificate of Quality from 101 medical doctors and 200 hospitals in the Global.
*Testified by 27 research articles, recorded in 25 literatures.
*To promote metabolism, to modulate function.
*Utilizes the Hyperpure® high efficiency extracting technology that has obtained its patent in 102 countries: manufactured by the highest ranked GMP-PIC plant factory, 100% natural plant extract. The exclusively patented Hyperpure® high efficiency extracting technology utilizes a patented quadruple specified process to distill, separate and extract active ingredients that ensures the high purity, high concentration, efficiency of the patented Finomate EFLA 920 Green Mate extract without any residual contaminations. 
*Funcare provides trustworthy, natural, and non-artificial body slimming and body sculpting products to the global medical community. The phrases “scientifically proven” and “research verified¨ are always imprinted on the exterior of the product packages as a guarantee that deserves the trust from customers.

Main ingredients:
Brown seaweed and Pomegranate seed(patented Xanthigen), Fenugreenk, Mate Tea (patented Finomate EFLA920 Green Mate extracts), milk protein hydrolysate (contains AX3 peptide), Guarana, Damiana, Vitamin B1

How to use
This formula can induce the sense of satiation, regulate physical functions, promote metabolism. It also holds the effects in whole-body figure sculpting and weight managements.

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burner Super Slimming Tablet (24 packets / Box) x2
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